250th Birthday of the United States of America

     The year 2026 will be 250th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, founding the United States of America. The Paul Carrington Chapter not only intends to celebrate this milestone in 2026, but before and afterwards.

     While 1776 is an important date, many events that occurred before and after contributed to the success of our country. In 1764, the first Parliamentary Acts were passed after the French and Indian Wars (the Currency and Stamp Tax Acts. These Acts resulted in protests,  demonstrations, riots, by the colonists against the British Parliament's authority to tax the colonists without representation. The delegates from nine colonies met for the first time to petition the British government on these matters.

     Because of the importance of these events, the Paul Carrington Chapter will celebrate the 250th anniversary of them, starting in 2014. Additional celebrations will be planned for the 250th anniversary of events that occurred after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, through the armed struggle of the American War for Independence. Our celebration will end in 2033 with the 250th anniversary of the Continental Congress' ratification of the Treaty of Paris. Therefore, we intend to celebrate such historical events from 2014 to 2033. (A list of the important dates related to the American Revolutionary War is available here.)

     The Sons of the American Revolution has provided a recognition program for Compatriots and members of the public, who plan, lead, participate, or attend 250th Anniversary events. For more information on this program, click here.



100th Anniversary of the Paul Carrington Chapter

     On May 15, 1930, the Paul Carrington Chapter received its charter as a chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. The Chapter’s history has had many milestones since then. In 2030, the chapter will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Plans are underway now to mark this event in 2030. If you are interested in making this celebration possible, please contact the chapter’s president.


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