The National Society is organized into State Societies. Membership in the National Society Sons of the American (NSSAR) is through a State Society – there are no National at-large memberships in SAR. The following internet resources

National SAR Website

National SAR Facebook Page

Texas SAR Society Website

Texas SAR Society Facebook Page

     The SAR collaborates with other patriotic organizations, like the following:

Daughters of the American Revolution Website

Texas Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Website

National Society of the Children of the American Revolution Website

Texas Society of the Children of the American Revolution Website


Genealogical Resources

     Membership in the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution is based on genealogy, the study of families and the tracing of family lines. Specifically, SAR membership is based upon descent from Patriot Ancestors who helped defeat Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War. To learn more about the conditions required for membership, visit our Membership page.

     Your first online visit should be to part of the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution Patriot Research System or PRS. SAR members are currently digitizing all of the records held by the SAR, related to recognized Patriot Ancestors and their genealogies. The following are links to the four major search areas of the PRS:

Patriot Search (for a recognized Patriot Ancestor)

Member Search (for a recognized Compatriot Member of the SAR)

Descendant Search (a work-in-progress search of all individuals cited on SAR applications)

Biography Search

If you are new to genealogy, there are several major free resources from which you may be able to find information and supportive evidence documents – like census documents showing parents and their children – to support your membership application. * *

Items above marked with an asterisk (*) are often available for free at your local public library.

You may also wish to search the online records of the U.S. National Archives. The SAR was a driving force behind the creation of the National Archives, and to this day it is an excellent source of research material.

National Archives

Houston is an outstanding place to do genealogical research as we are the home to the Clayton Genealogical Library. The library is located in the Museum area of Houston at 5300 Caroline St.

HPL Clayton Library


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