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     Paul Carrington Chapter is in the process of reforming our chapter’s Color Guard. The mission of Chapter’s Color Guard is:

      • To promote and participate in patriotic, historical, and educational events and activities, in the state of Texas or other locations as requested, while wearing U. S. Revolutionary War period clothing; and,
      • To convey a commitment to excellence when presenting the colors and the Flag of the United States in a respectful military manner at all Paul Carrington Chapter SAR meetings and in our community as visual spokespersons of the Paul Carrington Chapter and the Sons of the American Revolution.

     Our goal is to have a group of uniformed Compatriots, in either appropriate revolutionary uniforms or colonial attire. However, we more than certainly welcome Compatriots who have a re, that Is not needed. If you have a tricorn hat, that would be a terrific start.

     If you have any questions about, or are interested in, the Chapter’s Color guard, please contact the Chapter’s Color Guard Commander.


SAR Color Guard Uniform

     Participating in the chapter’s Color Guard unit is relatively simple. SAR recognizes two classes of uniforms for color guard members: Class A and Class B.

Class B Uniform

     Class B uniform is the easiest uniform for most members to assemble. It consists of the following items:

                • Navy Blue Blazer;
                • White dress shirt;
                • Gray/charcoal colored slacks;
                • SAR tie; and,
                • Tricorn hat.

     Most members will most likely already have the first three items in their wardrobe. A SAR tie can be purchased from the SAR website. An optional SAR blazer patch, to be worn on the left breast pocket, can also be purchased at the same time. A Tricorn hat can be purchased online at:

     Color Guard members can participate in their Class B uniform, while they are constructing and/or purchasing items for their Class A uniform.

Class A UniformColor Guard uniform

     Color Guard members can assemble revolutionary-era clothing to represent either a Continental soldier or sailor, a militiaman, or a colonial clergyman. Members can choose to construct their own clothing items from available patterns or purchase them from on-line suppliers. The easiest uniform to assemble would be that of a militiaman, as there were generally no uniforms for militia units, the “uniform” was whatever civilian clothing militiamen wore every day. For militiamen, that would be:

        • A hat (tricorn, round, or fur);
        • A hunting shirt;
        • A white or checkered shirt, and vest;
        • Long britches or fall-front trousers; and,
        • Shoes (not necessarily buckle since the long pants leg will cover the buckle area).

     Clothing for colonial-era clergymen would generally be the same (with the exception of knee britches), but of finer quality and workmanship.

    As to Continental uniforms, they would consist of:

          •A tricorn hat;

          •A blue coat, with either a buff, red or white facing and trim;

          •White shirt and waistcoat;

          •Neckstock (linen or leather);

          •White or buff knee britches, or fall-front trousers;

          •Buckle shoes (not necessary for fall-front trousers, as the pants will cover the buckle area); and,

          •A pair of white gloves.

     The Cradle of Texas Chapter has a great page on revolutionary war uniforms on-line .


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