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An Exciting Way to Express Your Patriotism!

     Today social media offers almost everyone the ability to communicate and share their memories, special occasions and their thoughts with not only their friends and family, but truly the entire connected world.  The Texas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (the “Texas SAR”) believes that social media provides an amazing opportunity for the young people of our country to express their patriotism in very creative and fun ways through an annual video contest.

     The contest will feature scholarship awards for the three top contestants as established by a panel of five judges, including two judges under 21 years of age.

          • 1st Place - $3,500.00
          • 2nd Place -   $700.00
          • 3rd Place -    $500.00

      The scholarship awards, along with a Certificate of Recognition, will be announced at the annual Texas SAR convention typically held in April of each year.  The first-place winner will be invited to attend the Youth Luncheon at the Convention.

      The Texas SAR made the decision to name the award after one of the youngest known patriots, Joseph Plumb Martin, in recognition of his service to the cause at such a young age.

About Joseph Plumb Martin

In the summer of 1776, Joseph Plumb Martin was a fifteen-year-old Connecticut farm boy who considered himself "as warm a patriot as the best of them."  He enlisted that July and stayed in the Revolutionary army until hostilities ended in 1783.  Martin fought under Washington, Lafayette, and Steuben.  He took part in major battles in New York, Monmouth, and Yorktown.  He wintered at Valley Forge and then at Morristown, considered even more severe. He wrote of his war years in a memoir that brings the American Revolution alive with telling details, drama, and a country boy's humor.

A junior member of the Sons of the American Revolution has shared his thoughts and enthusiasm about this contest.  Please take a few moments to watch his video and get excited about this great opportunity to share your thoughts about our country and the American Revolution as we approach the USA's 250th Anniversary.

Contest Rules

  • The Joseph Plumb Martin Video Contest is open to all high school students (9th through 12th grades) attending home schools, public schools, parochial schools, or private high schools.
  • Contestants will submit a video presentation five to ten minutes in length.
  • Entries must contain ORIGINAL content.  Content must be based on scholarly research of the presented topic.  Content may not violate copyright laws.
  • The subject of the entry should focus on an event, personality, document, or topic pertaining to the American Revolution.  Emphasis on the 250th anniversary of the Revolution is recommended.
  • The style, approach, and perspective are not limited.  The entry may be in the form of a documentary, dramatization, interview, advertisement, etc.  Creativity is encouraged.
  • While some creative license is permitted, historical accuracy is essential.  For example, a conversation that never occurred may be acceptable, but it must adhere to currently known historical facts.
  •  All entries are judged blind to the identity and home location of the contestant.
  • Contestants must submit two versions of their entry.  One version should contain full titles, end credits, and the name of the creator/contestant.  The second version may also contain full titles and end credits, but all references to the creator/contestant must be absent.  End title credit for the contestant for additional contributions (e.g. as an actor) may be included provided it does not obviously indicate the identity of the individual as a contestant.
  •  While other individuals may participate in the entry as actors, camera operators, etc., the entry should primarily be the sole creation of the contestant:  concept, writing, execution, and editing.
  • Contestants understand and agree their entry video may be shown at SAR meetings or other events.  It may also be posted on various websites and available for public view.
  • Access to the video should be provided via YouTube according to the procedures described below.

Contest Procedures

  • Texas SAR will use YouTube as the platform for collecting and viewing entry content for the Joseph Plumb Martin Video Contest.
  • Contestants must first establish a Google account.
  • Contestants must then establish an alternative channel on YouTube – the intent of this alternative channel is to have the video owner’s identity remain confidential.
  • The alternate channel should be named Joseph Martin Video Contest.
  • The alternate channel MUST NOT reflect the contestant’s name or anything personal or identifiable about the contestant or their family.
  • No copyrighted music will be permitted in the video.  YouTube has automatic algorithms that will check for copyrighted music and if the platform determines a video contains copyrighted music, it will automatically block the video.
  • Videos will follow the naming convention as follows, with the video title being less than 20 characters:
        • EXAMPLE:  2022.10.15.MYAMERICA
  • Contest Winners may elect to have their names disclosed. Only Contestants who have authorized the disclosure of their names will be recognized by any Chapter or Texas SAR.
  • Instructions and help on setting up a YouTube Channel can be found by clicking here.

How to Enter and Key Dates

     If you wish to enter the contest, please complete the Contestant Application as soon as possible and email it to: This allows us to know who is planning on participating in the contest and will give us an opportunity to answer any question you may have.

     The video, Video Contest application, and parental/guardian permission & release form are to be submitted to the Paul Carrington Chapter (via email) by December 31. Questions regarding the Jos. Plumb Martin Video Contest maybe directed to the State Contest Chairman at


E-mail Communication Requirements: In compliance with the Youth Protection Policy of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, any e-mails initiated from minors to a SAR member must include their parent/guardian in the communication. SAR members will reply to a minor’s e-email but are required to have the minor’s parents/guardian, plus one other SAR chapter member, on the communication.


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